Find Out – Find Something & Hidden Objects

Game TypeHidden Object
DeveloperFocus apps
Platform Android, IOS

Find Out – Find Something & Hidden Objects Game Review

Find Out - Find Something & Hidden Objects is developed by Focus apps. It was published for iOS and Android devices in December 2019.

There are 3 modes in this game. Even though all these mode are somewhat similar, the challenges you will face vary in all of them. The first mode will be the hardest among all three. In this mode you will have to think out of the box to find certain objects. You will be shown a small scene from a film. There will be a list of items shown below for you to find. Some items will be in your normal view. But, to find the others you would have to do some extra work. For example, move the curtain, take a cloth from the scene and wipe the mirror, read the clue to get a locker code and feed the animal to obtain an item it is holding.

The 2nd mode is a book mode. Each book will have several chapters. Each chapter is an image. Complete all the chapters to unlock the next book. This is a typical finding object concept. But some of the items are tiny and hidden very well in plain sight. Zoom in to further your search.

There are 2 types of games in the 3rd mode. One comes with a timer. You will be given 2 minutes to find as many objects as possible. The image in which you have to find the objects, is longer than your device's screen. So, do not forget to swipe to the sides to see the whole picture. You will need internet to play the other game. You play in a mini "Find The Difference" tournament with a few more players online. Find all the difference before your opponent does.

You can also use tools like the magnifying glass and timer to help you with the game. The magnifying glass will identify or give you a clue to find an item. The timer will give you extra time to play. You can get the tools by watching ads, as daily rewards or by paying some real money.

The controls in this game are as follows. Tap on an item to select. Use 2 fingers to zoom-in or zoom-out. Shake, slide to the side or rotate the screen to locate certain items.

Questions & Answers

Can I play Find Out - Find Something & Hidden Objects offline?

Yes, this game can be played offline.

What is the age rating for Find Out - Find Something & Hidden Objects?

It is rated PEGI 3. The content of the game is considered suitable for all age groups.

Do I need an account to play Find Out - Find Something & Hidden Objects?

No, an account in not necessary to play this game.

Does Find Out - Find Something & Hidden Objects contain ads?

Yes, it contains ads.

What devices is Find Out - Find Something & Hidden Objects compatible with?

You can play it on devices with at least Android version 4.2 or iOS version 10.3